Many years ago I decided I wanted my own domain for emails.  I signed up with a provider, bought the domain, and set up my email accounts.  With the hosting account came the facility to set up a website for my domain.  This offered a choice of a number of website creation tools, including WordPress.

So began a relationship with the WordPress Content Management System that has since developed into the mainstay of my professional work.  I design and build websites using WordPress and through this work have developed an extensive knowledge of WordPress and its available themes and plugins.  It is this knowledge and experience that I wanted to document.

I am writing this blog with two main purposes in mind; as an introduction to WordPress, and as a repository of notes for myself.  Increasingly I come across issues that I have addressed for a customer in the past and I am hoping that these notes will be a useful reference.  If any of the content of this blog proves interesting or useful to anyone else, so much the better.